Why Radio Matters to Technology Marketers

Guest post from Mike Dougherty, CEO of Jelli.

As I travel and talk to marketers in companies and agencies, sometimes I find myself wanting to prove that “Radio” as a medium still exists and is going strong. Predictions suggest that in 2014, Radio will continue to take in over 10% of U.S. advertising dollars, a stunning fact for those who have been calling for the demise of the medium. There are studies that show that the ROI for radio investments is very high, and that radio is a great multiplier effect on online campaigns, driving up browsing, clicks and sales by double digit percentage points. Half in jest and half seriously, although it has been around for many decades, I call Radio “the unknown 3.7 Trillion impression market.”

Key to the success of radio is the importance of the audio sensation coupled with the fact that for many, radio is the most consumed medium during drive-time and by far the best method for marketers to reach consumers during their commutes. In addition, Radio is a very “sticky” medium- almost everyone has his or her favorite radio station. This isn’t to say that Radio as a medium is perfect- absolutely not. In many cases, the measurement systems are somewhat antiquated and the quick-rev aspects of digital are not always available.

One sector in which marketers don’t spend enough time thinking about Radio is technology. After all, this sector is on the bleeding edge of digital. But what about combining the power of Radio with the convenience of digital tools? Isn’t that an amazing combination? I believe strongly that technology marketers should think more about this medium, in order to spread awareness, drive purchase and loyalty, and reach vast audiences without breaking the bank. Almost every one of your customers listens to the radio right now.

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