Why Performance Marketing is Essential to Your Marketing Mix – #Omsummit

A guest post from Sarah V. Bundy, Founder & CEO of All Inclusive Marketing Inc.

Affiliate marketing, also known as performance marketing, is one of the most essential and lucrative channels in their online marketing mix. Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar business in the US alone. A study recently done by Affiliate Window announced that affiliate marketing drives ₤14 billion Pounds in gross sales within the UK each year.

So why is affiliate marketing overlooked by businesses seeking to gain incremental sales, brand exposure and larger market reach? Could it be there is little understanding of how affiliate marketing adds true value? Is it that the “affiliate marketing” term has a bad name? Or is it that businesses don’t understand how affiliate marketing fits into the digital marketing picture? Whatever the reason, affiliate marketing is and will continue to be one of the largest drivers of profitable sales, added value and incremental customer acquisition in the world.

My session on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 in Room 29B at the Online Marketing Summit entitled “How Performance Marketing Fits into Your Marketing Mix” will look at how businesses can integrate an affiliate program to further drive sales, exposure and profitability through multiple online and offline touch points using strictly performance based model.  Advertisers will be able to learn more about what affiliate marketing is, how it can be seamlessly integrated into other marketing efforts such as mobile, search, social, email and display advertising. We will discuss the types of products and services that work in the affiliate marketing space and what businesses need to know before launching an affiliate marketing program.

Most importantly we will examine what value affiliate marketing can bring when managed correctly, as businesses time and again have seen substantial growth through their affiliate marketing programs, often adding 10-30% to their bottom line and costing only a percentage of sales after a desired action takes place. Brand such as Sears, Best Buy, Newegg, Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Toys”R”Us are examples of companies who leverage performance marketing to drive their bottom line.

Affiliate marketing does not need to be feared, nor should it be ignored. It is the only online marketing channel in the world that reaches globally, on the effort and dollar of someone else, that can seamlessly integrate into every online and offline marketing effort to reach your customer where they are, and exactly where you need to be.