Why Content Is Critical for Marketers More than Ever – #oms12

Content Marketing

For Marketers Content Really Is King!

For many years, perhaps even the last few decades, marketing practitioners have been divided by a philosophical doctrine related to content. Many truly believed “content is king” and that marketing couldn’t be effective without it. Others were firmly planted in the belief that the proper use of technology and the pursuit of the right advertising mix would drive performance, win new customers and produce results.

Much of this divide may simply be due to what is considered “content” or content marketing.  For online media companies, content was traditionally relegated to editors and writers creating topical honeypots to attract eyeballs. It was viewed as a means to an end (hint: ad revenue). And for B2B companies content was viewed as an eight page white paper filled with mind-numbing graphs, technical speak, and a hard sell at the end – a means to convince business visitors to reveal their name, email address and phone number.

Today however, marketing is in the midst of a tremendous shift and content will be a critical element in helping practitioners of all stripes to meet their objectives. The ubiquity of smartphones and social media across the globe is literally shifting the way everyone consumes and views information. Technologists call this phenomenon “the consumerization of IT”, or COIT for short, and recognize that   the technical capabilities and product innovations once managed by seasoned professionals inside large enterprises are being driven more and more by the cultural and technological shifts in the consumer world. Consumers have a lot more ability to control the information they receive and more choices in terms of how they want to engage with brands, products and companies they like or dislike.

This shift in the tools we use to find information and interact with our world is forcing marketers to toss out old conventions and begin to think creatively and holistically about new ways to build their brands, engage and influence loyalists, generate new customers, and measure success. In fact, many predict mass marketing will become a thing of the past for the most part unless that company is Coca-Cola, Google or Apple.

In the end, content is more than text in an article, words in a PDF paper or corporate video. Everything that companies (and their marketing experts) create has the potential to become engaging content that grow loyal customers. By viewing content in this way, integrated marketing and communications becomes a massively important endeavor! Every blog post, tweet, video clip, press release, email message, phone call, website click, and in-person experience becomes massively important to get right the first time.

It’s an exciting time to be a marketer!