Utilizing Community Management To Build Brand Advocates

Guest post from Dillon Bianchi, President of UpTown Treehouse.

The core of social media is word-of-mouth marketing. Without a strong social media presence your brand is missing a huge opportunity to connect with customers and share your voice. Community management is what drives your voice through messaging, relationship building and adding value to your audience’s daily lives.

Through community management you can connect all of your social media channels; customize message content and moderate for audience engagement. With real time analytics you can monitor and optimize marketing campaigns to pivot quickly and help maximize ROI. Here are some tips on how to manage efforts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogs.

  1. Find conversations online and join them on behalf of your brand. Socedo is a great tool for identifying new leads.
  2. Conduct one-on-one dialogues with full disclosure and authenticity. Here’s a few good steps to take when replying to audience members.
  3. Gather feedback about your brand and in the process, turn loyalists into band advocates.
  4. Activate purchase intent from our brand, in turn maximizing conversation rates and business growth.
  5. Empower your brand’s integrated marketing efforts by creating a catalyst for advocacy amongst customers.
  6. Track each and every conversation to understand what approach works to help scale growth. Simply Measured provides sophisticated social media analytics for marketers.

Social media is a crowded space but there are untouched opportunities. Many marketers are in phase 1 of social media adoption: buying eyeballs and treating the channel like traditional media. Some have entered phase 2: reacting to customer questions and issues via social media. Next is phase 3, in which brands leverage social media to proactively reach out to and build relationships with potential customers to drive conversions and sales.

With social media comes a paradigm shift from a traditional sales funnel to an hourglass approach. The social CRM lifecycle allows you to utilize social media to lead potential customers from brand awareness, through the point of sale, and then connect with them to ensure repeat business. When managed correctly, these stages build brand loyalty; funnel prospects back into the sales pipeline and create customers that advocate your brand to their own online audience. It’s word of mouth supercharged.

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