The Three Big Brand Winners of the Super Bowl – #omsummit

Twitter was a clear winner yesterday during the Super Bowl. When the lights turned off in the stadium, Twitter became the next big entertainer and the most nimble brands that capitalized on the situation made out big. More importantly, the most memorable marketing (in a positive way) stayed true to their brand positioning and cost far less than a multi-million dollar ad. Here are three big brands that won big:

  1. @Audi put their cleverness to use with the tweet “Sending some LEDs to the @MBUSA Superdome right now…” Leading with product and taking the spotlight (no pun intended) +1.
  2. @Tide was another brand that was quick on the draw tweeting “We can’t get your #blackout, but we can get your stains out.” They made the most of a time sensitive situation and this was great tie in to their ad.
  3. @Oreo wins the agility award. It broke records across the board, tweeting a brand new ad (including creative) within minutes. “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” The tweet was been retweeted over 15K times within one day, now that is impressive. They also win bonus points for leveraging prior marketing campaign nostalgia.

Marketers were reminded of the potential of social media yesterday. It connected people and brands globally with real-time dialogue, transforming a moment into an experience.

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