The Rise of SoMoLo and What It Means for You

The rise of Social, Mobile and Local, abbreviated SoMoLo, have created a unique opportunity for marketers. According to Strategic Marketing Solutions President and #smchat host, Joe Ruiz, “consumers are empowered by technology and the Internet like never before, and this has implications for the way they search, share and shop. Addressing the needs of connected shoppers requires a whole new mindset. Engaging consumers in this new space challenges organizations to find ways to empower their employees and foster an atmosphere of collaboration. It really is a different way of doing business.”

While an entirely new way of approaching business may sound intimidating, Ruiz adds that the basic steps for getting ahead in SoMoLo are really quite simple:

  • Cover the basics – make sure all web access is mobile-friendly
  • Listen to front-line staff – find out what they need to deliver an optimal customer experience
  • Listen to consumers – understand what they are saying
  • Observe consumer behavior – look at what they are actually doing
  • Be curious – ask questions, lots of them

Even the pitfalls are intuitive. When asked, Ruiz commented that the number one problem he sees in SoMoLo efforts is a lack of consistency. “For example, an online offer is sent. When the consumer brings that offer in to the store, employees have no idea what it is or how to handle it. The result is a frustrated consumer.”

Who does Ruiz see as leader in SoMoLo? Amazon – “They have created an app that makes it very convenient for me to check prices of products while I am shopping in a retail outlet and order it from them while I am in the store. Starbucks does a pretty good job too.”

While SoMoLo is still in its infancy, it does represent “a new marketing landscape. The concept will evolve but it isn’t going away. Those who embrace the principles now will have a distinct advantage in the future.”

To learn more about Social, Mobile and Local advertising from Ruiz, be sure to attend “The SoMoLo Opportunity & Why Marketers Should Care” at Online Marketing Summit Santa Clara.