Tech Marketing-as-a-Service: Communicating the True Value of Technology

Guest post from Manish Godha, CEO of Advaiya.

Technology Marketing as a Service (TMaaS) is a concept that has emerged onto the fore in the last few years.  During this short period, technology has proven itself to be the core engine of the economy and is increasingly being consumed at both the business and individual levels.  That said, for technology to be of real use beyond the “bling effect”, its true value has to be communicated simply, effectively, and with clear regard to the changes in how individuals make decisions, whether for their personal lives or their business lives.

Enter TMaaS.  At its core, TMaaS refers to the creation of a scalable, elastic engine that incorporates the complexities of technology with the nuances of marketing and allows any aspect of the technology lifecycle to be communicated in a way that corresponds with the intended audiences’ needs.  TMaaS is not about re-inventing the wheel every-time a new technology is launched but about adopting and morphing best practices to serve the needs of end-users, decision makers, and the technology ecosystem (including consumers) who avail of innovation.

Technology Marketing is a category by itself, sharing some features with other areas of marketing but also differing in many material ways.  The combination of technical depth and business value analysis, the ever-changing decision making patters in the C-suite, the rapid iteration and introduction of new products and services, and the changing whims of the consumer when aggregated make for a complicated-yet-wonderful opportunity.

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