Tech Marketing 360: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Guest post from Romi Mahajan, Tech Marketing 360 Advisor, Author and President of KKM Group.

I’m glad to see Tech Marketing 360 come into being; for some time I’ve wondered why one of marketing’s most fertile areas (the marketing of technology) has been neglected in the events world; TM 360 fills in this gaping hole in the marketplace.

Technology is not only a trillion+ dollar business world-wide- it also permeates all aspects of the economy.  For most, however, the particular nuances of hardware, software and the science behind technological innovation is irrelevant to the core matter at hand, namely how to avail of technology to solve particular problems in the context of our everyday lives.  It is here – in the communication of value and everyday use—that technology marketing plays a fundamental role.

Herein also lies both the challenge and opportunity laid before the technology marketing practitioner; how does one at once convey both the simplicity and the depth of a product or service?  How does a marketer identify the core need of the particular buyer and help her combine her roles as a consumer and a business-decision maker?  How indeed does a technology marketer stay abreast of an ever-changing marketplace and increasingly fluid customer roles and positions?

I believe strongly that technology marketing is a different beast than other types of marketing.  I also believe that we need a stronger community of technology marketers, sharing, teaching, commiserating, and helping the collective improve its game.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation in February!

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