Social Media Has Klout for Tech Marketers

Guest post from Sarah Reedy, Senior Editor, Light Reading.

Every once in awhile I get an email from Klout proclaiming my score went up or that I got a new “moment.” I never put much thought into what it means, but I’ve realized lately there may be some tangible reasons I should care about my influence online.

Klout scores are becoming a way for service providers to determine which customers are of high value and, therefore, get bumped to the top of the line for assistance, and they’re becoming an important way tech marketers know who to target on social media.

It’s not necessarily you, the social media influencer that the marketers or service providers care about. It’s your circle of influence. Who are you going to tell about your experience, whether it be good or bad? Getting these high-Klout users on your side can mean positive returns for the company, and it’s a fairly simple way of letting your customers do the advertising for you (and for free!).

As a consumer, this makes me think twice about dismissing those emails about my Klout score. Social media is increasingly becoming the best way to interact directly with your customers. It beats long hold times and automated systems for calling customer service, and it certainly beats direct mail as a way to market to valuable customers.

If you want to build Klout with your customers, I’d recommend paying attention to what their Klout is in the social media world. This spring, join tech marketers at Tech Marketing 360 and attend our Track on The Social and Mobile Advantage to become better at mobile and social media from a 360 degree marketing perspective.

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