Is Content Marketing Worth 30% of the Budget?

Guest post from Jamie Porter, Tech Marketing 360 PR Specialist.

Tech marketers predict that they’ll devote 30% of their budgets to content marketing in the next couple years. Is this type of engagement really worth nearly a third of an entire marketing budget, or is the technique just a passing fad?

Consumers are savvier than ever and now drive the marketplace. They see past the hard-sell and respond to messages that resonate with their lifestyle and strike a more personal chord. Advanced digital targeting helps marketers better understand these preferences and chart the best time to engage, but developing content to hit the mark is not always easy.

Tech Marketing 360 is highlighting two must-attend sessions to explore the future of content marketing trends and how to develop messages for maximum engagement. Here’s a sneak peek into both:

The Modern CMO: Why Your C-Suite Needs to Think Like Content Marketing Officers

Learn to think like a publisher in this extended workshop. Oracle marketing leaders will help take your content strategy from “corporate to compelling”— from finding inspiration for content in your own backyard to brand’s content to creating value across all different phases of customer interactions. Your instructors include:

Content Marketing: Race to the Bottom or the Real Thing?

Led by the CEO of a top marketing agency, a panel of industry journalists and analysts will weigh the pros and cons of content marketing and debate its staying power. Search engines, marketing automation and content farms can enhance audience experience, but too many points of engagement could potentially lead to a content overload.  You’ll hear from:

90 percent of companies are engaged in some form of content marketing, but just 36 percent believe their efforts are highly effective. These two sessions will be full of examples of successful content marketing campaigns and will demonstrate how to evaluate the performance of your own. We hope you’ll join us!

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