Email & the Customer Engagement Model – #oms12

Email is still a leader in return on investment and engaging audiences as demonstrated in recent studies, including Silverpop’s 2012 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study.

While email is performing, there are three major dynamics at play that are creating opportunity, as well as challenges for email marketers.

Cross-channel Strategy

Email is a trigger point for other activities, from prompting online searches and research to driving purchases. Emails are often the first touch point in a campaign and can very effective in deepening customer engagement across channels. In order to be effective, emails need to be developed as a trigger point v. stand-alone activity and you need a clear understanding of what other activities it may trigger.

Tip: Map out potential audience journeys across channels to ensure that your strategy and messaging is consistent and integrated.

Platforms are also quickly realizing the potential of merging email and social so look for new opportunities within the platforms. In fact, Facebook just announced that it is enabling enhanced targeting by allowing organizations to upload lists to deepen social engagement with individuals on Facebook.

Cross-device Consumption

Mobility is a key driver in creating easier ways to deliver messaging however; research has surprised many of us by showing that emails are being read on multiple devices.

While mobile and PC friendly versions of emails are now the de facto, organizations who factor in repeat reads and call to actions based on the device will quickly lead the pack and transform the standards.


Mobile is equally changing the game in content development.

The convenience and access we have with smartphones and tablets have created a wealth of opportunity to receive more messages and for brands to compete for our attention. On the flip side, it has also made us the ultimate multi-taskers. This means our messaging has to be immediately compelling and engaging as our audience moves from one activity to the other and we are quickly assessing the value of what is before us and how our time is best spent.

Differentiate and personalize wherever you can to stand out from the crowd.

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