Creating the TBM Category to Help Companies Run IT Like a Business

Guest post from Chris Pick, CMO of Apptio and Tech Marketing 360 speaker.

As a recent Harvard Business Review article noted, category creators grow faster and receive higher valuations from investors than companies engaged in only incremental innovation. Category creation efforts, however, can fall flat without a deliberate and focused marketing plan and execution.

From a marketing perspective, it’s essential to define, name, position, and communicate the category differentiators in a crisp and clear manner. Influencer engagement and turning satisfied customers into your best evangelists is another critical element of marketing strategy. At Apptio, I’ve had the pleasure of driving such an effort.

The Apptio Technology Business Management (TBM) suite empowers business and technology leaders to run IT like a business. As a part of creating the Technology Business Management (TBM) category, we were instrumental in forming the TBM Council, a partnership of thought-leading and passionate CIOs, CTOs and other IT leaders. Our goal was to fill the void in existing IT management approaches by better adapting business principles and processes.

The journey itself has been transformative. In 2008, we got together with six forward-thinking CIOs to answer: What if IT was run like a business? What if IT had a clear way of showing our business value? Most importantly: What if we made decisions in partnership with the business? The results have been astounding. We’ve had the honor of welcoming some of the most accomplished IT leaders across a variety of industries to the now 1000+ strong TBM Council!

Ensuring value within the community has been a key driver of this growth. We created the Technology Business Management IndexTM, the first broad benchmark of the key disciplines and capabilities for running IT like a business. Over the last five years, we’ve also released the TBM book, which serves as the definitive resource to applying TBM in the organization, and other tools that help CIOs and senior IT leaders in their efforts to run IT like a business.

As the next step in the journey, we recently launched an updated Cost Transparency Foundation module. This module automates your monthly analysis of IT financial performance against plan and shows what drives your costs for your towers, projects, labor, cost centers, and more. I urge all TM 360 community members to check this out.

We’re very excited about the TBM journey and adoption. I look forward to discussing this more with you in my session at Tech Marketing 360. See you there!

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