Content Marketing: Reinventing the Game

Guest post from Bob Egner, Vice President of Product Management at EPiServer.

Most technology marketers have a strong cadence and understanding around content marketing.  It’s a simple game:

Step 1: Create some large format content (yet another white paper)
Step 2: Hang it up on your site (or buy media placement) behind a registration form
Step 3: Write an attractive headline and teaser copy
Step 4: Promote through paid and social media
Step 5: Watch the leads come rolling in

And while this approach worked really well ten years ago, the needs and habits of our audience has drastically changed. They are continually bombarded with fantastic messages and claims and consequently have developed a shorter attention span. This is fueled by an always-connected expectation that you can instantly get the exact information you need at the moment you want it. What’s evolving in content marketing is the form and format in which it’s delivered. Content must get smaller, more consumable to feed demand for a constant stream of quick information.

This shift correlates well with “Atomized Content” that we’ve seen emerge everywhere from Google SERPs to eCommerce quick views. Simply stated, atomizing your content means to produce and replicate the content so it’s suited for the channel and device it is being consumed on – across screens and channels from the mobile web to social media and beyond. Atomized content is short, punchy, relevant and authoritative, but can be expanded when interest drivers deeper inspection.

The perpetually connected, channel-hopping consumer is driving a new challenge for technology marketers… and that is to reach them everywhere! Your content needs to be in the right channel at the right time – with the right message and bite-sized content format.

Given the many different ways consumers now interact with brands, the next logical step is that they will also continue to transact in different ways.  Consumer interactions with content will increasingly drive and support transactions – across all industries and business models – not just retail! The future of content marketing will be all about leveraging the intersection of content and commerce to drive top-line business results. Start today with optimizing and improving customer experience online to engage current customers and developing long-term relationships to build brand loyalty; the core of selling. Consumer demands are higher than ever, but by intertwining content and commerce, Marketers can create and support meaningful and actionable experiences.

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