3 Components of a Social Media Lead Generation Strategy

Guest post from Aseem Badshah, Founder and CEO of Socedo. Learn more about social media lead generation on the Socedo Blog.

Most marketers who showcase their brands on social media are still unsure about how their social efforts impact the bottom line. As social media matures, marketers now have a roadmap they can use to turn social into a lead generation channel that focuses on ROI. Below are three helpful components you should consider including in your lead generation strategy.

1. Content
Good content plays a huge role in getting on the radar of potential customers. A consistent stream of useful and interesting material builds trust and credibility within your target audience while also giving people something to share. The content you create should be valuable on its own and should leverage the unique expertise from folks within your organization. It should also get people thinking about how your products or services might be able to help them.

There are two types of content to consider: gated content or public content. Gated content (whitepapers, e-books, webinars, etc.) enable you to capture leads by offering in-depth information in return for the contact information of potential customers. Public content like blog posts and infographics help to drive new exposure for your brand and product. These are really easy to digest and share which drives more attention for your gated content.

2. Broadcast
With a content strategy in place, the next step is to build an audience for that content. This is all about increasing followers on your social profiles and then posting your content along with content from others that your audience will find valuable. Consistency is key here. You will want to post at least every day on all of your social channels in order to build a following over time. You may not have enough of your own content to post everyday but curating content from other thought leaders can help fill the gaps. This will keep your followers happy while building relationships with other influencers in the community. Tools like HootSuite and BufferApp can help you keep a consistent stream of posts while allowing you to be efficient with your time.

It can take a while to build a robust audience but think of this as a long term investment. Unlike Pay Per Click advertising, investing in a broadcast social media strategy will pay dividends over time as your community grows. You can continue to promote your gated content through this channel and get more and more leads every month.

3. Proactive Outreach
Broadcast is all about publishing to your existing followers, while proactive outreach is about getting your content in front of new people who have shown a specific interest but may not already know about you. Start by building a target buyer profile to help identify your best target customers and then use tools like Socedo to find those people. The next step is to connect with them while sharing your gated content based on what they have already been posting about. This is a very opportunistic way of leveraging social media as a platform to build relationships with the prospects that have a much higher likelihood of converting to a customer.

Think about content as your bait, broadcast as your net and proactive outreach as your spear. Together, they give you the toolset to create a robust lead generation machine from your social presence.

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