2012: The Year of Visual Social Content

From Facebook Timeline to Google+ and LinkedIn’s updated designs, 2012 has been a year of change across the social networks. According to Rebecca Corliss, Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Strategist, “these social updates are encouraging businesses to contribute visual content more often, and rewarding those who do with higher click through rates, engagements levels, and reach growth.”

While exciting for the audience, the emphasis on visual content puts pressure on marketers to tell stories in a new medium and that is often difficult. “Many companies don’t have a naturally visual company, and they are going to have to rethink how they create content. There is a distinct opportunity for marketers with an eye for design to step up to the challenge,” Corliss adds.

Further, “the other biggest change is increase in social clutter–and thus the development of better efficiency tools. Breaking into social today is more challenging than it was two years ago, so there’s an increased demand for tools that help marketers find information and social content specifically relevant to them, as well as grow an audience who supports their businesses and brands.”

IdeaPaint’s Facebook beautifully illustrates how visual content is key to success in today’s social landscape.

When asked which brand is a shining example of how to effectively leverage this new social landscape, Corliss offered, “IdeaPaint, hands down. They are naturally a very visual company and share a great mix of interesting product photos that are fun to look at, customer stories, and lead generation content. What makes it work so well is it’s all content that their audience loves. That’s the secret sauce to successful marketing.”

To hear more from Rebbecca Corliss, be sure to attend her session How to Improve Lead Generation Using the Social Media Advancements in 2012 at Online Marketing Summit Santa Clara and follow her on Twitter at @repcor. Maybe you’ll even see a live rendition of her award-winning music video “You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing”.